Travel assistant

Dtec Travel Assistant

New Discoveries with Travel Assistant

Start your journeys with Dtec, your personal travel companion designed to make your travel planning hassle-free and enjoyable. Dtec is your personal travel expert, helping you find travel information online and guiding you every step of the way, from booking flight tickets to discovering comfortable hotels.

Flight Assistance

For flight bookings, Dtec offers real-time information on schedules, airlines and ticket prices. Whether you are looking for budget or luxury, Dtec provides an effortless booking experience as per your preferences.

Hotel Recommendations

Ask Dtec for hotel recommendations and it will create a list of comfortable options suitable for you. Going beyond names and prices, Dtec allows you to make visual choices for your stay by displaying hotel images.

Real Time Updates

Always stay informed with real-time updates from Dtec. Whether it's sudden flight changes or last-minute hotel deals, Dtec keeps you informed and provides flexibility in your travel plans.

Security and Privacy

Stay safe with Dtec's commitment to security and privacy. Your data is processed to the highest standards.

User-Friendly Interaction

Have natural conversations with Dtec. Ask for the cheapest flights or ask for a hotel with certain amenities. Dtec offers personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

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