Home assistant

Dtec Smart Home Assistant

Smart Assistant for Your Home Comfort

Smart Home Assistant offers an easy and innovative way to control and manage your home. This technology brings together a number of devices and systems within the home, providing users with a high level of comfort. By offering the opportunity to control lights, thermostat, security cameras and many other features from a single platform, it offers homeowners both energy saving and security advantages.

Home and Car Synchronization

Smart Home Assistant creates customized scenarios between home and vehicle assistants, enabling automatic and integrated adaptation of the vehicle and the home when leaving or returning home. This integration provides users with a seamless home-to-car transition experience

Real Time Information Management

Smart Home Assistant presents data obtained through security cameras, sensors and devices within the home to users in real time. In this way, users can instantly monitor events at home and intervene when necessary.

Mobile Compatibility and Accessibility

Home and vehicle assistants allow users to manage their home and vehicle from anywhere at any time using their mobile devices. Users have the freedom to control their homes with remote access.

Enhanced Data Security and Secure Communication

Smart Home Assistant uses strong encryption technologies to maximize the security of user data. Users' personal information is protected according to industry standard security protocols in communications between devices within the home and outside.

Personalized Automation Scenarios

Smart Home Assistant offers the ability to create personalized automation scenarios based on users' pre-set preferences and routines. This allows users to manage their living space more effectively and personally.

Real-Time Connection and Current Information​

Smart Home Assistant provides instant updated information to its users thanks to its real-time connection feature. For example, data such as live images from home security cameras, instant information from door or window sensors, and home energy consumption allow users to monitor their homes at any time. Integration with Vehicle Assistant gives users a truly mobile lifestyle by providing information and control over your vehicle even when you're away from home. It's a living experience combined with the powerful integration of home and vehicle assistants.

Smart Home and Vehicle Assistant Integration

Smart Home Assistant does not limit users' control of the home to just the interior, but also allows them to interact with their vehicles. This assistant can adjust the comfort of the vehicle according to preset preferences when leaving or returning home. For example, it can automatically open the doors, turn on the lights, and turn the thermostat to the desired temperature when you approach the house. This integration offers users a constant and seamless connection between their home and their vehicles.

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