Shopping assistant

Dtec shopping assistant

Easy Shopping Experience by Talking

Dtec shopping assistant is a shopping assistant where everyone can easily shop by talking on e-commerce platforms. It can be used on all mobile platforms and also on websites. It offers ease of use and increases shopping on the platforms it is used on. The desired products are listed by speaking and added to the shopping cart.

Natural Language Understanding Ability

Thanks to its advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) model, it can understand users' natural spoken language and thus make the shopping experience more personal and interactive.

Smart Filtering Features

The assistant with artificial intelligence understands preferences such as color, size and brand with powerful filtering algorithms and offers users the opportunity to find the products they want quickly and effectively.

Smartphone and Browser Compatibility

Dtec Shopping Assistant is fully compatible with smartphones and web browsers, offering users a seamless shopping experience from any device.

Secure Payment Transactions

Shopping Assistant supports various payment methods, providing safe and seamless payment transactions and allowing you to complete your purchase with credit card or other payment options.

Personalized Recommendations

The assistant analyzes user behavior with its learning module and offers personalized product recommendations, thus ensuring that users have a shopping experience that suits their preferences.

Multilingual Ability

Dtec Shopping Assistant appeals to a global user base with its ability to work in 22 different languages and provides optimum service to users from different geographies and language groups.


We introduce our advanced DtecGPT model, an intelligent and versatile personal assistant equipped with the ability to seamlessly understand and interpret natural spoken language. Powered by the DtecGPT module, this innovation offers users the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight in interactive and human-like fluent conversations.​

Smart Shopping in Every Area

Artificial intelligence shopping assistant can be used in e-commerce, shopping, online market, ticket and reservation applications, as well as on websites. By using the system in these areas; It is intended to provide advantages such as speed, ease of shopping, offering suggestions, answers to questions, and convenience for the visually impaired. The sales of the developed system are planned to be B to B, and there is no equivalent with this feature.

The Future of Voice Shopping

DTEC Shopping Assistant stands out as a technology that shapes the shopping trends of the future. Voice assistants have been proven to increase e-commerce and grocery shopping, especially. DTEC aims to achieve economic gains by catching this trend both in our country and in the world. Voice-based shopping assistants increase customer interaction and allow users to find the products they want quickly and simply.

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