Journey To The Future: Your All-In-One Smart Voice Assistant Solution

It allows you to talk to vehicles as if there was a person on the other end. It interacts with you with voice recognition technology and quickly carries out the information or commands you request.​


You can get information by chatting about any subject with the chat module.

Face Recognition

It analyzes the person's emotion with its face and emotion recognition capabilities and offers customized suggestions accordingly.

Car hardware check

Can control the equipment in the vehicle by voice

Phone Control

You will be able to control your car from anywhere you want using your phone.

Herkesin e-ticaret platformlarında konuşarak rahatlıkla alışveriş yapabileceği alışveriş asistanıdır

Advanced NLP capabilities

Seamlessly navigate and check your way through a personalized shopping experience

Personalization and Customization

Understanding user preferences includes favorite brands, preferred product categories, size information and more

Secure Transaction Processing

Using end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular audits

It specializes in data analysis, device management and optimizing user experience by working with IoT devices.

IoT Devices Seamless Integration

IoT Devices Seamless IntegrationAbility to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of IoT devices

Context-Aware Intelligence

Enabling the user to understand and respond to commands according to the specific context and environment

Customizable Automation and Personalization

Creating customized automation routines that personalize the IoT ecosystem by defining specific commands, scenarios, and triggers.



Natural Language Understanding (NLU):

Speech understanding, context-rich interactions for intuitive user communication

Basic and static reactions and answers
Multimodal Interaction:

Seamless audio, text and visual transitions for flexible user interaction.

Single mode interaction
Personalization and User Identification:

Learn and remember user preferences by tailoring responses to personalized interaction.

Not a personalized experience
Integration with Third Party Services:

Connect to various services by creating a central hub for convenience.

closed ecosystem
Context-Aware Task Continuity:

Context-Aware Task Continuity:Tekrarlama ihtiyacını azaltarak akıcı etkileşimler için bağlamı koruyun.

Basic interactions
Dtec Assistant has a blockchain-based infrastructure that allows the use of crypto token rewards. It can control applications by voice. Tokens are earned when the vehicle is charged or the assistant is used. Earned tokens can be spent as desired.


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