smart car assistant

Dtec Car assistant

Redefined Driving Experience

An intelligent companion designed to redefine your driving experience. Our Vehicle Assistant is not just a feature, it is a seamless technology integration that aims to keep you in control and ensure your safety and comfort.

Face recognition

It provides a safe and personalized user experience by recognizing the driver's face.

Answering Questions

It provides instant and effective answers to the questions asked by the driver.

Controlling Hardware with Voice

The ability to manage in-car settings via voice commands provides the driver with hands-free control.

Chat and Get Information

The Vehicle Assistant naturally chats with the driver, obtaining information and providing meaningful answers to questions.

Sending Email

It provides the ability to easily send emails while in the vehicle, based on the driver's voice commands.

Offering Suggestion Based on Emotion

Depending on the driver's emotional state, Car Assistant personalizes the driving experience by offering music, weather or entertainment recommendations.

Translating in 22 Languages

With its translation capability, it ensures effective communication during international travel or for multilingual users.

Hatırlatma Kaydetme

It ensures that the driver does not forget important events by recording reminders at the specified date and time.


We introduce our advanced DtecGPT model, an intelligent and versatile personal assistant equipped with the ability to seamlessly understand and interpret natural spoken language. Powered by the DtecGPT module, this innovation offers users the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight in interactive and human-like fluent conversations.​

Safe and Efficient Driving Experience​

By combining modern technology with practicality, the in-car voice assistant emerges as an indispensable companion that deeply affects the daily lives of users. Its main contribution is to promote a safe driving environment by freeing drivers from manual distractions, allowing them to seamlessly navigate various functions. Beyond safety, the assistant's multitasking ability allows users to seamlessly multitask while driving by getting work done with ease

Complex Questions and Conversations

The technology combines Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver an advanced natural language processing model to make generated responses faster, more accurate and more conversational – as if you were speaking to a human.

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